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★★★★★ They did absolutely nothing for Mr.Yorkie...but charge me $407.00$150.00 for walking in the door....the rest was giving a bottle of fluids and I don't know what else was included in that price.And after I got him home he still wouldn't eat they sold me a bottle of Entice for another $80.00. So inother words all that money for nothing.This morning he still wouldn't eat and daughter's boyfriends and I came across he has been constipated the hole time! Pumpkin and some vaseline cured the problem!! To the Owner of Bethel Park Animal Clinic....It was not the Price.....I knew what I was getting into when I walked in...The PROBLEM IS AT THE END,YOU WERE PAID AND MY POOR DOG LEFT WITHOUT A DIAGNOSIS.....YOUR STAFF IS NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE OR CARING.....I WOULDN'T TAKE AN ANIMAL AT HIS OR HER END TO YOU....YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! INFACT YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!Victoria K.Victoria K. ★★★★★ Efficient practice with caring vets and staff.M SM S ★★★★★ The staff were all so kind and helpful through a very difficult process for my family. And when it came time to adopt again, we found Skittles and Sprinkles, brother and sister there. Everyone is so knowledgeable in all areas of my pet needs. Highly recommend!Melissa O.Melissa O. ★★★★★ Highly recommend for exotics! Dr. Backus has always been amazing with my bunny.Jayme K.Jayme K. ★★★★★ The doctors and staff at Bethel Park Animal Clinic have been our vet for years. They were there for us throughout our beloved Max's life. They helped us through his last days with great compassion. Now they are our choice of vet with our two young cats. Great caring office!Mary Jo H.Mary Jo H. ★★★★★ We love Bethel Park Animal Clinic. Everyone is friendly and caring. Dr Chick is knowledgeable and compassionate.Rascal D.Rascal D. ★★★★★ Marley was Marley as always taking her to the vet but she was a good girl she was very good and love being with all the attentionDiana F.Diana F. ★★★★★ Entire staff is super kind and friendly, and the vet we saw was the same. We definitely plan to keep bringing our kitties back!Jessi P. R.Jessi P. R. ★★★★★ We switched veterinarian offices a couple of years ago and have been working with Dr. Danley ever since. She is very warm, kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. Dr. Danley has helped us with decision making with the care of our cats. We've also worked with Dr. Brennecke and she gave two of our cats ultrasounds. She was also kind and knowledgeable about next steps. BPAC and their staff have been very responsive with questions, medication refills, and request for appointments. We've had a really good experience and highly recommend them!Megan L.Megan L. ★★★★★ I have nothing but great things to say about my experience here with my two new kittens. As first time pet parents, my husband and I were clueless. From making a first appointment, help at the front desk, our wonderful techs to our amazing vet- they made us feel comfortable and welcome every step of the way.Adrianna G.Adrianna G. ★★★★★ Bethel park animal clinic are the best vets around! I love the way they treat my pets and are always very professional and friendly. I highly recommend them to everyone!gabby P.gabby P. ★★★★★ Friendly, caring staffJeanne M.Jeanne M. ★★★★★ Bethel Park Animal Clinic has taken great care of our dogs and cats and was so helpful when our cat was diagnosed with diabetesLainey R.Lainey R. ★★★★★ We love Bethel Park Animal Clinic. Staff is always so friendly and happy to see my pups. We see Dr Danley and she is great! Always willing to answer my questions. She gets down on the floor with the pups and they love her! Front desk staff is always warm and friendly. Very professional on the phone. Vet techs are great also! I have recommended Bethel Park Animal Clinic to multiple friends.Jena K.Jena K. ★★★★★ Have used BPAC for 8+ years - great staff from the vets to the techs/nurses to the front desk - competent but also very friendly and kind.Jeanne T.Jeanne T. ★★★★★ We came to Bethel Park Animal Clinic when my dog woke up with a malignant lump and our regular vet could not see him for a month. We received wonderful care from Bethel Park Animal Clinic and have stayed with them. Bethel Park Animal Clinic is very organized and has great communication. They have provided compassionate care and embraced our whole family, both our dog and my human children. We saw many providers during Mason’s cancer treatment but Bethel Park Animal Clinic was the most professional out of everyone.Emily “.Emily “. ★★★★★ Dr. Danley and the technicians of Bethel Park Animal Clinic went above and beyond to make our first visit for our little Cookie comfortable and effective. We greatly appreciate the kind and sincere attention and plans for treatment. We would absolutely recommend— Thank you!!Cassidy B.Cassidy B. ★★★★★ The doctor and staff at BP Animal Clinic were extremely caring and professional. I have taken my dogs here for years and I have continued to be impressed. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Gretchen D.Gretchen D. ★★★★★ The staff and vets at BPAC have given my pets wonderful care. Once, when my mother in law was visiting and had to unexpectedly put her senior dog down, they worked her into a busy schedule and were so kind during that difficult day. They even sent a sympathy card afterward, even though they had never seen her dog before. It is a busy office, and sometimes there's a wait for a non-urgent appointment, but they truly seem to care about their patients and when it's been a truly urgent issue I've always been able to get in immediately.Beth F.Beth F. ★★★★★ The vet and other staff here were so kind and helpful! We just brought our new cat in to get her established at a vet office, and we're so glad we picked this one.Nadia F.Nadia F. ★★★★★ We have taken both of our dogs and our cat to Bethel Park Animal Clinic. The Veterinarians and Techs and People working behind the desk are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.David C.David C. ★★★★★ The Staff is very friendly and kind. Appointments are on time and they treat my dog Brutus well.Pam K.Pam K. ★★★★★ Bethel Park Animal Clinic has treated our animals for years with such care and love! Growing up, I had bunnies and the exotic animals team was so knowledgeable and caring. Now, we have 4 cats, 2 of which are sisters who we adopted recently from BPAC, Poppy and Sassafras, and the other 2 cats Amira and Silo are long-time patients of BPAC. We can't recommend them enough. From their attentiveness to detail, to providing top-notch caring advice over the phone when needed, to remembering my pets' names when we come in for visits, they are beyond personable. "Sometimes the smallest animals take up the most room in your heart" ❤️ as seen by the mural on their patient wall.Andrea H.Andrea H. ★★★★★ It's really hard to find doctors that see rats, and over the few years I've lived in Pittsburgh I've gathered a small network of vets for all my boys. Everyone at BPAC, doctors to techs to receptionists, has been wonderful and accommodating with all my weird rat problems (and my schedule!). Even though a lot of my visits have been sad ones (as it goes with rats), everyone's been so caring and understanding, and I really appreciate the doctors that were willing to see them for emergencies when Dr. Backus wasn't available.Charlie (pictured) had a lump on his cheek and we worried it wouldn't heal well if we removed it, since there's not a lot of skin there to stitch back up. But despite it being a delicate operation, he healed up beautifully. I can't thank Dr. Backus enough for taking such care with how risky it was.Hannah B.Hannah B. ★★★★★ I highly recommend Bethel Park Animal Clinic! The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable, and they keep a very clean work space. I have been very happy with the care my cat gets at Bethel Park Animal Clinic!Hayley C.Hayley C. ★★★★★ So thankful that Dr. Backus came highly recommended after my exotic vet retired. I can’t thank her enough for the excellent care that she gave to my senior bunny Molly for many years. Having to say goodbye to my beloved girl Molly wasn’t easy but Dr. Backus reassured me that I was doing the right thing. Her compassion and caring shined through again giving me the time that I needed while I composed myself so I could walk through the lobby. I will forever be grateful to Dr.Backus and Bethel Park Animal Clinic.Jacqueline M.Jacqueline M. ★★★★★ Started going to BPAC with our senior pup Heidi. They were always gentle and sweet with her and gave her the best care. When we discovered she had an inoperable tumor they helped make her last few days with us a bit easier and helped us transition through her crossing over the rainbow 🌈 bridge. We now bring our new puppy Clover to them and her care has been exceptional as well. They are also reasonable and truly care about your pets. Thank you for being wonderful caretakers of our furbabies ❤️Heather T.Heather T. ★★★★★ Dr. Backus and the entire team at BPAC are amazing. With a rabbit, it’s often difficult to find a vet who specializes in exotics but BPAC cares for our bunnies with so much love and expertise! 100% would recommend for exotics!Amanda S.Amanda S. ★★★★★ I love them for my exotic pets, I have a rabbit and parrots. The staff are incredibly nice and very caring. I always recommend them!Lizzi S.Lizzi S. ★★★★★ We've been taking our cats to Bethel Park Animal Clinic for years, maybe since they opened. The doctors and staff have always been kind and patient with us and our cats. I wouldn't go anywhere else.Gerard R.Gerard R. ★★★★★ VERY thorough exotics veterinarian, and the sweetest staff. Thank you for always taking care of my baby🐇Katie JKatie J ★★★★★ Super clean and efficient. Plenty of parking. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Service is absolutely wonderful. The doctor took extra time explaining info and giving love to our dogs. The techs were amazing. The checkout was so efficient - we were able to be checked out and pay in the exam room!natalie S.natalie S. ★★★★★ Prompt, thorough, informative and treated our rabbits with care and kindness.Craig N.Craig N. ★★★★★ I have found Bethel Park Animal Clinic to be a fantastic group to deal with since we moved into the area 2 years ago. The staff initially noted the anxiety our dog experienced when he initially went to see them. They subsequently had us give him medication to help him be more relaxed when we went to have him seen at the clinic. He maintained his alertness when we subsequently take him to the clinic. The staff is great in working with our dog and they are realistic in their assessments and their recommendations for the heath of the dog.Dennis O.Dennis O. ★★★★★ 2nd time now I've had to take my dog to a vet suddenly for an issue and this was the only vet clinic in the area that could squeeze me in the same day. They are a life saver. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who actually care about the well being of your pet. Highly recommend! Thank you girls for taking care of my senior dog Midnight ❤️MockingjayYTMockingjayYT ★★★★★ We recently moved to the area and knew we needed a new vet. A week after the move, one of our bunnies got sick and we called Bethel Park. They couldn't see him day of but were willing to see him the next day. We took him elsewhere for an emergency visit with the intention of using Bethel Park as a regular vet moving forward. That evening, our bunny passed away. When we brought him to Bethel Park for cremation, it was their first time meeting us. They acted with compassion and kindness. When we picked him up, they had all signed a condolence card. I've worked at a vet and have lost another pet before... I know that's common practice, but it still felt so warm and genuine.The next week, we brought our other bunny in for a checkup and testing. I have NEVER had a vet do such a thorough check for our bunnies, and I wanted to cry. We love our rabbits and have always tried to do the best for them, so to finally find a vet who was so knowledgeable and attentive was amazing. She will be going back next week for a booster shot, and soon our dogs will be going as well. ❤️Rebecca B.Rebecca B. ★★★★★ I an always greeted nicely on the phone as well as in the office. After visits I am helped getting my old, blind dog in the car. They pay attention to me, as well as my dog,. Vet and assistants are always kind & gentle with the animals. I've been going to BPAC since 2011, and have found all of their veterinarians competent and caring no matter the issue.Cynthia Virginia C.Cynthia Virginia C. ★★★★★ They are friendly and accommodating. And the biggest reason is; there is not a constant turnover with the Doctors, the same three doctors have seen my pet for the past two years and are familiar with her.Sean C.Sean C. ★★★★★ I have gone to several clinics in the past and by far this is the best vet clinic in the area! Everyone there from the front desk to techs to the veterinarian, genuinely care about your pet/s. Dr. CHICK, hope the spelling of her name is right- truly is the best! She’s young but seems like she has a lifetime of experience and knowledge. The techs I wish I knew their names and dr chick have always been so kind, understanding and patient with my dog. I will always come here. The price is a little bit more than most clinics but it is soooo worth it. Thank you bethel park animal clinic fam! You guys are the the best!Delila S.Delila S. ★★★★★ Clean facility. Staff is very kind and caring. Kelsey was amazing with Oilslick. Not pushy for tests. Listened to problem and made recommendations. Not pressured at all. Highly recommend them.Michelle De L.Michelle De L. ★★★★★ We have a wonderful dog who we love very much, but she doesn’t like new people, and we have to medicate and muzzle her for appointments… very challenging. Dr. Saint-Onge has been SO accommodating and nice to us despite our dog’s poor behavior. After having our little lady for five years, we know what works and what doesn’t work, and Dr. Saint-Onge understands and respects that. She helps us keep our dog healthy and vaccinated, and we wouldn’t hesitate to reach out if we had health concerns. Prices are very reasonable for exam, vaccines, and medications. Highly recommend this clinic.Missy T.Missy T. ★★★★★ Can’t say enough good things about this place. We called in a panic as we were about to leave on vacation and our puppy had a bad rash on her stomach. The staff bent over backwards to fit us in within just a few hours of our call. From the front desk staff to the Vet Tech to the Doctor, everyone was unbelievably kind and caring. We never felt rushed and were listened to with patience and attention. We will absolutely go back to this place in the future and definitely recommend.Emily H.Emily H. ★★★★★ Stopped in today for a vaccine. The staff is wonderful. So kind and loving toward our fur baby. Even the dog wagged his tail.Nancy Y.Nancy Y. ★★★★★ Great place for those lovely creatures 😘🥰🥰he staff always make you feel welcomed and very comfortable 👍Rabih Fahed (.Rabih Fahed (. ★★★★★ Dr. Danley was super clear in explaining what was going on with our cat. She made sure we thoroughly understood the causes, the treatment, etc. Also the receptionists are both super sweet and amazing at making you feel comfortable. I am so glad we chose to bring our cat to them.Taylor H.Taylor H. ★★★★★ I had a great experience. I really liked everyone there. Very sweet and caring people! It was my first time going there and I will definitely continue to bring my dog back!Lori E.Lori E. ★★★★★ What an awesome office from the front desk staff especially the gracious lady who took my call and listened to my story through my tears to the tech and vet. Thank you all so much and much gratitude my dog is on the mend.Kelly K.Kelly K. ★★★★★ Wonderful staff. Very friendly and caring. Cab get pricey but that's true of all vet clinics these days.AJ B.AJ B. ★★★★★ I have been to many animal facilities for years, and I can not express the wonderful treatment my dog, and I were given by the staff at the front door, and the doctor.I was never so impressed in all my life.Everyone was so kind, caring, and answered all my questions, and gave me so much time with their wonderful advice..I highly recommend them to anyone that needs a place for their furry friends..The Best Place by far..⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Arlyne C.Arlyne C. ★★★★★ Awesome and caring.Darlene H.Darlene H. ★★★★★ Couldn’t have asked for a better experience for felixs first vet visit at bethel park animal clinic. The staff was very helpful and patient with Felix and went above and beyond to make sure he felt comfortable!Kylie T.Kylie T. ★★★★★ Staff are always kind, scheduling is super easy as a repeat patient.Rachel W.Rachel W. ★★★★★ They are awesome!Kathleen C.Kathleen C. ★★★★★ My pups have been clients of BPAC for at least 7 years. All of the staff have been consistently professional and courteous. In recent years, Dr. Danley and Dr. Goldstein have treated my dogs. Both dr’s are top notch - highly knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend BPAC.Deborah L.Deborah L. ★★★★★ Love love love these doctors and technicians!betsy N.betsy N. ★★★★★ Awesome vet, they took wonderful care of both my dogs. I trust them, and they don't try to sell you a bunch f unneeded services.Jd B.Jd B. ★★★★★ The staff here are amazing! Very friendly and accommodating!Me and my pet Skunk, “Pepe Le’Pew” are treated lovingly and always look forward to our next visit!My Vet is the best for informing me on everything I need to do to keep Pepe healthy and happy! She actually encourages me to call anytime for advice! That’s priceless!I highly recommend this place for all and any pet you have!Raymond G.Raymond G. ★★★★★ Approximately one year ago I moved my pets from two other vet hospitals to BPAC. I was very apprehensive about the move but needed to get all my pets serviced at one location close to home. It has been my absolute pleasure to work with great vets and vet techs. The receptionists are very nice too. I feel that I've found a forever care facility for all my precious babies.Cindy S.Cindy S. ★★★★★ The veterinarians are excellent!!! The entire staff is extremely kind, friendly, knowledgeable and caring!! I know that my pet receives the best care possible and is in really good hands at every visit!!Christy K.Christy K. ★★★★★ Very professional staff, and the docs are good with your fur babies! You can tell they love what they do.Shannon W.Shannon W. ★★★★★ Dr. Danley and Chris are top notch! I have been a pet owner my whole life (67years!) and have never experienced such a thorough history and exam. My dog is a bit anxious and can be reactive and they took all the necessary time to keep him comfortable. I would highly recommend this practice.Michelle J.Michelle J. ★★★★★ Amazing, kind and present team of professionals here. Our dog is not happy about going to the vet office, but this group eases her nerves every time. I'm really happy we found this practice. Keep up the excellent work!L. F.L. F. ★★★★★ I wish I could put 10 stars!! My cat was having an emergency and while they didn’t have any appointments available they squeezed him in because of what was happening. I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out it was very serious and life threatening. Dr. Goldstein helped me understand what was wrong and the steps that were necessary for his recovery. She was so kind and showed that she really cares about her patients (and the owners)! For what was wrong and what needed to be done the cost was very reasonable, I honestly expected to pay way more. I can’t thank the staff at BPAC enough for saving my baby.Bri W.Bri W. ★★★★★ Bethel Park Animal clinic has a great staff and wonderful service.Michele S.Michele S. ★★★★★ We are always happy with Bethel Park Animal Clinic. They are honest, helpful and truly care about your pet.Allison I.Allison I. ★★★★★ BPAC has some of the best people working there. They are kind, compassionate and professional. I know that my pets are receiving the absolute best care they can get. They are so helpful, from minor illnesses and injuries to end of life care, I never worry when I go there. I am very happy to have found this clinic.Maggie T.Maggie T. ★★★★★ Took my cat Mr. Handsome here.Very Kind Vets and Nurses!Didn't give a run around and helped my Boy with the pain he was clearly in.Highly Recommended!They even have a room for Cats to hang out in.Very nice waiting room!A Good Place!Bryan P.Bryan P. ★★★★★ Veterinarians and Staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. Everything is explained in detail. We feel that our Eddie Spaghetti is in good hands💕Christiane Y.Christiane Y. ★★★★★ The clinic is large, clean, and well-lit. The receptionists were friendly on the phone and in person. The technician asked really thorough questions and I felt like she really listened to my answers. The doctor had a plan for treating my cat, and just as importantly, a plan for next steps if her first recommendation does not resolve our issue. My invoice and prescription were emailed to me in a timely manner. When I compared our bill for similar services I found the prices to be on point with what we've paid other vets in the Pittsburgh area. All in all it was a really great visit!LizLiz ★★★★★ Very thorough and informative. It's hard to find someone that treats exotic animals. Glad there close to home ☺️Megan S.Megan S. ★★★★★ They have been good to my Mom's dog, Rueger and my mom. Very caring and compassionate!Danielle T.Danielle T. ★★★★★ Highly recommend this vet as we've always had a great experience. The staff all truly care and gave us wonderful personal attention after the passing of one of our dogs a few years ago - he was a "regular" there due to allergy issues and they were so kind. Currently take our two dogs there and we can usually get appointments when needed which is a huge help.Jacklyn S.Jacklyn S. ★★★★★ Wonderful and caring staff. They give 100%. I trust them with my furbaby family.Nicole B.Nicole B. ★★★★★ I have a highly fear aggressive blind guinea pig that tends to not do well at the vet & has bitten people down to the bone/all the way through the skin in the past. The technician & Dr. Backus were absolutely AMAZING with him today; they used proper restraint techniques and did everything at once as to not stress him out. This was the first vet visit where he didn't bite ANYONE. As a certified tech myself I am very impressed with their restraint, knowledge of husbandry & medical ailments, pricing, and overall demeanor of the entire staff team. I'd give more stars if I could!KensiKensi ★★★★★ The Vets and techs are wonderful! The prices are in line with other vets and they are upfront with what everything will cost prior to treatment.David S.David S. ★★★★★ Sophie and Malone receive such excellent care! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. The clinic is clean and the prices are reasonable. We are so much happier here than at our old vet.val pval p ★★★★★ We're new to the area and have been so impressed with this vet clinic. They're so kind, prompt, and helpful. We've used several clinics over the years and this one is way above all others! If you love your pets, you'll bring them here!Robbie R.Robbie R. ★★★★☆ I have two dogs. One who is very anxious. The staff is always so great about making sure we are both comfortable. An I like the fact that the doctors always do a follow up call to see how he is doing.Christina D.Christina D.js_loader

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Amazing place they took very good care of our duck. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Christine D.

So caring and compassionate. The facility is very well thought out, clean and efficient. They give awesome care!

Laura M.

Highly recommended for routine wellness visits and general pet care as well as surgeries and emergent visits. We’ve experienced it all!

The staff is so kind and knowledgeable, and they go above and beyond to help you and your pet. Very happy my dog goes to this practice!

Sara P.

Very professional and compassionate staff. They took excellent care of Sadie and she is doing so much better. Thank you all.

Danielle W.

Always very friendly, they really care about your pet. Easy to get an appointment and they do have Urgent Care appointments also.

Laura S.