Lead Tech

Micaela Slone, CVT

Micaela graduated from VTI in March 2017. She started working at our clinic in the summer of 2018 and became a certified veterinary technician in April 2022. Micaela loves dogs and her favorite breed is the Great Pyranese. When not working at the clinic, Micaela enjoys music and art.

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Jamie Harding, CVT

Jamie received her BS in Health Science from Marshall University in December 2014. She went on to graduate from the Vet Tech Institute in December 2018 and became a certified veterinary technician in April 2019. Jamie owns two rescue dogs, Carly and Augustus. When not working, Jamie enjoys kayaking, swimming and DIY projects around her house.

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Suzanne Dower, CVT

Suzanne has been in the animal field for 10 years, she received a CVT license in 2018. She is originally from Virginia, which is also her middle name! Suzanne has 4 cats; Dublin, Statler, Waldorf and Ferdinand. When not working at the clinic, she loves to travel, learn new things, basset hounds and shaking things…

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